01 Apr, 2024

Zekarias Musele Thompson and Lee Crandall at the Living Room Light Exchange

Two of our grad students are featured at tonight's Living Room Light Exchange! Read more

31 Mar, 2024

Announcing Our Spring 2024 DE & Certificate Cohort

Art by Yangyang Yang. Read more

30 Mar, 2024

Ken Goldberg at ICRA 2024

Check out the work Ken Goldberg is presenting at ICRA 2024! Read more

30 Mar, 2024

Scholars Engaging with The Distance Cure on Book Forum

In this forum, five scholars from different but intersecting fields of historical research engage with Hannah Zeavin and Jeremy Greene’s recent books on telehealth and telemedicine. Read more

22 Mar, 2024

Hannah Zeavin Interviews Alice Notley

Alice Notley, The Art of Poetry No. 116 Interviewed by Hannah Zeavin Read more

22 Mar, 2024

The Resource Bind: System Failure and Legitimacy Threats in Sociotechnical Organizations

New international journal by danah boyd! Read more

22 Mar, 2024

danah boyd in conversation on tech & society

21 Mar, 2024

Video now online! Paloma Duong's Mediascapes of Postsocialism: Cuban New Media Cultures After the End of History

Missed the talk with Paloma Duong? A recording of the lecture has now been uploaded to YouTube. Read more

21 Mar, 2024

Announcing BCNM's Spring 2024 Conference Grant Recipients

The Berkeley Center for New Media is thrilled to provide small grants to our graduate students to help them share their innovative research at the premiere conferences in their field. Read more

15 Mar, 2024

Alum Andrea Horbinski on Dragon Ball Z Creator

Hear Andrea Horbinski speak about Toriyama's legacy. Read more