25 Jan, 2024


Group Anything with Radiance Fields Read more

22 Jan, 2024

Bad Moods


17 Jan, 2024

Summer Research Reports: Ellie Hoshizaki and the Vibe-o-meter

We're thrilled to support our students in their summer research. Read about Ellie Hoshizaki and the Vibe-o-meter! Read more

17 Jan, 2024

Conference Grant Reports: Elnaz Bailey at the Generative AI Conference Read more

15 Jan, 2024

Spring 2024 Designated Emphasis and Certificate Applications Now Open

Applications are due March 1, 2024. Read more

15 Jan, 2024

Why we don't have robot butlers yet Read more

29 Dec, 2023

Alex Saum-Pascual Awarded 2023 Peder Sather Grant

Alex was awarded a grant for "Transformation and Disruption: The Challenges and Opportunities of AI for Human Creativity." Read more

28 Dec, 2023

Ken Goldberg Isn't Afraid of Artificial Intelligence

Roboticist and artist Ken Goldberg takes the temperature of the current AI moment. Read more

28 Dec, 2023

Hannah Zeavin Talks Thinking with Freud

Indiana Public Media interviews Hannah Zeavin on psychoanalysis. Read more

28 Dec, 2023

Robotics Q&A with Ken Goldberg in TechCrunch

Ken Goldberg talks the future of robots with Brian Heater. Read more