Camille Crittenden at CENIC 2019

15 Jul, 2019

Camille Crittenden at CENIC 2019

Camille Crittenden spoke on the Pacific Research Platform at the CENIC 2019 conference. Established in 1997, CENIC operates the California Research and Education Network (CalREN), a high-capacity computer network with more than 8,000 miles of optical fiber.

From the description:

Established in 2015, the Pacific Research Platform (PRP) is a partnership of more than 50 institutions. It is led by researchers at UC San Diego and UC Berkeley and includes the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and multiple research universities in the United States and around the world. Building on the accomplishments of engineers and scientists to solve networking problems for research throughout the Pacific region, leaders of multiple organizations and PRP recently have been engaging collaborators to scale the framework nationally and internationally. This panel will describe these efforts and provide an update on presentations and discussions from the Second National Research Platform Workshop, held in Bozeman, Montana, in August 2018. PRP builds on the optical backbone of Pacific Wave, a joint project of CENIC and the Pacific Northwest GigaPOP, to create a seamless research platform that encourages collaboration on a broad range of data-intensive fields and projects. Particle physics, astronomy, biomedical sciences, earth sciences, and scalable data visualization are just a few of the fields to benefit from PRP.

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