Bot or Not?

22 Jul, 2013

Bot or Not?

We are excited to announce the launch of a new online chat game for UC Berkeley's incoming class of 2013, the Turing Test Tournament.

The Turing Test Tournament is an experimental chat-based game that will connect you with thousands of members of the Berkeley community in a contest of identity. Compete against others in trying to tell human from machine, then join a chat yourself and see if you can convincingly perform a given role.

The tournament is team-based and offers cash prizes for your favorite student organization, so join a guild of your choosing and start playing today!

The Turing Test Tournament is based on Alan Turing’s famous test for machine intelligence, and was developed for UC Berkeley’s On the Same Page Program in partnership with the Berkeley Center for New Media. The game is in beta, and we are looking forward to your observations on the program as we develop new versions and levels. If you would like to comment, propose a new guild, or join the development effort, please contact program coordinator, Lara Markstein, at lara [​at​]

The game is not only for incoming students. Anyone with a address can play. We also have a few celebrity contestants lined up – you never know who you’ll encounter in the Turing Test Tournament!

Congratulations to the TTT team on their amazing work!

Greg Niemeyer: Project Director, Professor and BCNM Director | Elizabeth Keegan: Lead Game Designer, BCNM | Jacky Wu: Lead, UI/UX Development | R. Stuart Geiger: Lead, AI Development, BCNM | Danielle Alojado: Artist | Lenna Nguyen: Artist | Margaret Rhee: Lead Concept and Project Manager, BCNM | Chris Goetz: Concept and Consultant, BCNM | Nora Liddell: Program Coordinator, BCNM | Kiera Chase: Research Associate, BCNM | Nathaniel Mailoa: Web Design CSS Lead | Alix Schwartz: Director, On the Same Page | Rita Hao: Legal Counsel, UCOP