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  • ATC Lecture - Hito Steyerl - "Proxies and Placeholders"

    ATC Lecture - Hito Steyerl - "Proxies and Placeholders"

    Hito Steyerl is one of the most critically acclaimed artists working in the field of video today. Holding a PhD in philosophy from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and teaching at the Universität der Künste Berlin, she is also a frequent contributer to E-Flux magazine, a lecturer, and an engaged thinker on the topics at the core of her practice: the materiality of digital media, technological manipulation, and institutional power relations. [...]
  • Regents Lecture - Brewster Kahle - Digital v. Material Culture

    Regents Lecture - Brewster Kahle - Digital v. Material Culture

    The Regents Lectureship program brings acclaimed Internet entrepreneur and activist, digital librarian, and computer engineer Brewster Kahle upon campus to discuss the implications of a culture where media and information is digitalized opposed to being material and physically present. [...]
  • Meet Alex Saum-Pascual

    Meet Alex Saum-Pascual

    Alex sheds new light on electronic literature with her Spring 2016 exhibition No Legacy || La Literatura Electrónica [...]


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    Programs for Masters and Ph.D. Students BCNM features two graduate curricula. The Designated Emphasis in New Media offers a specialization track for any Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley, while the [...]



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    Fellowships The Berkeley Center for New Media is proud to administer the Peter Lyman Fellowship. In addition, the BCNM offers annual summer research fellowships for its students, as well as awards [...]