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  • Tsar Bell

    Tsar Bell

    The recreated Tsar Bell was “played” in concert with the UC Berkeley Carillon at Sather Tower on Friday, April 15 and Saturday, April 16, 2016 — just in time for Cal Day. [...]
  • Announcing 2016 Summer Research Awards

    Announcing 2016 Summer Research Awards

    Congratulations to this year’s Summer Research Award recipients! We are thrilled by the ambitious and innovative work they’re all completing, and are pleased to be able to provide summer funding to support their research initiatives. [...]
  • Regents Lecture Series

    Regents Lecture Series

    This program has been running for 50 years and brings to the University distinguished speakers who have pursued careers in arts, letters, sciences, or business substantially outside the academic profession. [...]
  • Undergraduate Research Awards

    Undergraduate Research Awards

    This year, BCNM initiated its undergraduate research fellowships, which offer undergraduates the chance to engage in direct research experience with BCNM graduates. [...]
  • Meet Coye Cheshire

    Meet Coye Cheshire

    Through social exchange theory, which explains how individuals exchange valuable resources as a fundamental social process, Coye has been investigating at UC Berkeley the structure of online sharing networks and how they are used to derive trust, power, status, and influence. [...]


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  • 9518516518_3e81b29cb7_o
    Programs for Masters and Ph.D. Students BCNM features two graduate curricula. The Designated Emphasis in New Media offers a specialization track for any Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley, while the [...]


  • 1-GvUfSImCq_Idi19smhYvhg
    The Jacobs’ Institute published an article on their blog about the amazing things coming from the students there, culminating in the Jacob’s Spring Design showcase. Read more below: “I [...]


  • 13229051993_c46e0bdff5_k
    Fellowships The Berkeley Center for New Media is proud to administer the Peter Lyman Fellowship. In addition, the BCNM offers annual summer research fellowships for its students, as well as awards [...]
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