Special Events

Interface Aesthetics Course Exhibition

Special Events
08 May, 2015

Interface Aesthetics Course Exhibition

Interface Aesthetics, an I-School and BCNM course, will be having its course exhibition this Friday, May 8th at 12-2PM at 202 South Hall. How does good design enhance or facilitate interaction between people? How does good design make the experience people have with computational objects and environments not just functional, but emotionally engaging and stimulating? The students will be showcasing the design of their mobile and desktop UIs, as well as their design process concerning typography, grid, colors, and overall visual hierarchy. We hope to see you there!

This semester’s students are:
Molly Robison
Gracen Brilmyer
Xavier Malina
Stacey Baradit
Dan Tsai
Ricky Holtz
Paul Son
Jenny Lo
Samarth Agarawl
Meredith Hitchcock
Audrey Leung
Sophia Lay
Colin Ho
Janine Heiser
Marjan Ghahremani
Laura Desmond-Black
Christiana Gambacorta
Arezu Aghaseyedjavadi
Noriko Misra
Erica Brett
Pablo Arvizu
Timothy Meyers
Anna Swigart
Katey Basye
Cameron Reed
Becca Stanger
Ankita Bhosle
Sandra Lee

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