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Who Owns the Data?

Special Events
14 May, 2015

Who Owns the Data?

Presented by CITRIS, in partnership with Inria and EIT ICT Labs, “Who Owns the Data?” will bring together data scientists, entrepreneurs, and representatives of public agencies, advocacy organizations, and the private sector from the United States and Europe.

As countless social, commercial and civic transactions are rapidly moving to online platforms, and sensors in our houses, cars, and mobile devices send endless streams of data to servers around the world, discussions of “Big Data” have become commonplace. But what happens to the information once it leaves our fingertips or pockets? How are the data being used, who benefits, and what role do individual contributors of data play --wittingly or unwittingly-- in the revenue models that sustain the systems?

Speakers at "Who Owns the Data?" will engage in a lively discussion of current considerations of individual agency, private gain, and public benefit in the rapidly expanding digital world.

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The event includes a combination of keynote addresses, lightning talks and panel discussions. Additional speakers to be announced.

Keynote Speaker
Brewster Kahle, Founder and Digital Librarian, The Internet Archive
"Who Owns Culture? Internet Archive's Perspective"


Public Data & Private Interests
Ownership and distribution of data resulting from publicly funded research (e.g., the movement for open access, Public Library of Science, data collected during fieldwork for academic research and promotion)
Ownership and management of public open data (e.g., civic data such as building permits, birth/death/marriage/adoption records, real estate transaction records, etc.)
Tom Andriola, CIO, University of California
Francisco García Morán, Chief IT Advisor, European Commission
Stéphane Grumbach, Senior Researcher, Inria
Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, Project Manager, CitySDK project, Forum Virium
MacKenzie Smith, University Librarian, UC Davis

Privacy & Personal Data
Privacy and security concerns
Models for personal data ownership
Management of student data, personal health data
Nicolas Anciaux, Researcher, Inria
Stefano Foresti, UC Merced
Kai Kuikkaniemi, Aalto University
Greg Niemeyer, UC Berkeley

Data Philanthropy & Corporate Social Responsibility
Data philanthropy and new frameworks for sharing private data for public good
How is data being considered within the framework of corporate social responsibility?
Questions about the responsibility and liability for data provenance, transmission and storage
Lucy Bernholz, Visiting Scholar, Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, Stanford University
Claude Kirchner, Senior Researcher, Inria
Faris Natour, Director of Human Rights, Business for Social Responsibility
Additional panelists to be announced

Presenting Sponsors

Berkeley Center for New Media
Berkeley Institute for Data Science
Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories
UC Berkeley School of Information

Publicity Partners
Center for Responsible Business

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