DexNet Collaboration with the Siemens Institute

19 Jul, 2017

DexNet Collaboration with the Siemens Institute

Ken Goldberg and Dex-Net have been featured on Siemen's website under "The Future of Manufacturing: A Cloud for Robots." The Dexterity Network continues to astound.

From the website:

"Compared to humans, robots are slow learners. But thanks to research now being conducted collaboratively between Siemens Corporate Technology and the University of California at Berkeley, the ability of robots to pick up new skills could expand rapidly. Take cloud robotics, for instance, which potentially gives robots the power of an army of servers. Instead of being limited to local computing resources, cloud computing opens the door to using computationally-intensive resources such as deep learning. Other advantages include the potential to leverage the benefits of open source software, parallelize computations, and, most exciting, share knowledge with other automation systems while keeping data up-to-date."

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