Five Questions with Adam Hutz

18 Jul, 2017

Five Questions with Adam Hutz

Like many of our students, Adam Hutz thrives on an interdisciplinary research agenda. He is a doctoral candidate in rhetoric and new media, but can often be found leading courses and prototyping his own work at the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation and the CITRIS Invention Lab. Last month, the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation chatted with Adam on how he navigates two seemingly unrelated departments in two distinctly different parts of campus.

Here's an excerpt from one of Hutz's five responses:

"... 'design' and 'rhetoric' have a lot in common from the very beginning, and so I see them as being in constant dialogue with each other. Both disciplines concern themselves with 'appearances' — how things come across to particular readers in particular contexts — and this is true whether you’re looking at a monument, a painting, a poem, or a political speech."

Reading the interview will delight anyone interested in both creative processes and the discourse surrounding them. Find it here.