Jenni Higgs in Review of Research in Education

27 Jun, 2017

Jenni Higgs in Review of Research in Education

Published this past March, "Replacing Representation with Imagination: Finding Ingenuity in Everyday Practices" is a critical examination of representations of ingenuity in "nondominant communities." Jenni Higgs, who was granted a research travel grant earlier this year as well, worked with several other researchers to analyze scholarly work to conceptualize problems of practice through design-based research (DBR).

You may read the paper here.

Authored by: Kris D. Gutiérrez, Krista Cortes, Arturo Cortez, Daniela DiGiacomo, Jennifer Higgs, Patrick Johnson, José Ramón Lizárraga, Elizabeth Mendoza, Joanne Tien, Sepehr Vakil

From the article:

This chapter is a call for consequential education research that has transformative potential: intellectually, educationally, and socially. It is about learning to see differently. It is an argument about seeing our work with youth and communities in ways that can help education researchers see ingenuity instead of ineptness and inability, to see resilience instead of deficit, and to imagine futures with youth from nondominant communities instead of imposing failure. We use the notion of “learning to see” both metaphorically and as a theoretical lens and methodological guide to illustrate how rigorous and consequential education research can help us imagine and design new forms of learning and schooling. We argue that rupturing educational inequality also involves new forms of inquiry that help reconceptualize what it means to work with nondominant communities.