Yairamaren Roman Maldonado Launches Escritura Publica

08 Jun, 2023

Yairamaren Roman Maldonado Launches Escritura Publica

UC Berkeley and BCNM alum Yairamaren Roman Maldonado is a community-engaged writer, researcher, and educator with expertise in Global South narratives and new media practices. She creates narratives and spaces that produce new perspectives about intersectional social justice, whose written work has been published in open source journals and independent non-profit editorials in the US and Global South.

Yairia has recently launched her project Escritura Pública which is a public humanities project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Puerto Rican Foundation for the Humanities that proposes to create a space where women can access creative writing and healing techniques as critical tools to address their experiences with different daily social problems on the island of Puerto Rico. Escritura Pública translates to "Public Writing" and will be available in social media and podcast formats, invites us to listen to the narratives that emerge from the base in the process of rearticulating how we build a sustainable future for all Puerto Ricans. Yaira designed a trauma informed curriculum that also integrates healing practices to take the more creative and intellectual work of writing their stories through personal narratives and poetry one step further and connect with emotions as well.

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The project’s IG is @‌escritura.publica