danah boyd Awarded Morrison Prize

20 Apr, 2023

danah boyd Awarded Morrison Prize

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Program in Science, Technology, and Society awarded alum danah boyd its prestigious Morrison Prize and lecture. danah will be speaking May 8th on “Made, Not Found: Grappling with the Vulnerabilities of Data."

About the talk:

The U.S. census is a piece of data infrastructure upon which countless programs, policies, and decisions depend. In fact, many data produced in the 21st century ripples through complex sociotechnical systems, shaping actions far from the point of data production and collection. This is particularly visible when it comes to the development of artificial intelligence systems. By understanding how data are made, we can start to appreciate the various work that goes into ensuring that data are resilient.

In this talk, danah will draw on lessons learned studying the construction of 2020 U.S. census data to grapple with the ways in which political forces shape data in order to shape the systems that depend on those data. This talk will weave through discussions of differential privacy, statistical repairwork, and epistemic contestations about what makes data “real” to showcase the invisible layers of data that we all take for granted.

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