Jacob Gaboury's Image Objects Reviewed by April Riddle

02 Apr, 2023

Jacob Gaboury's Image Objects Reviewed by April Riddle

April Riddle reviews Jacob Gaboury's Image Objects in Media-N in the article "Extending Beyond the Ultimate Display in Image Objects: An Archaeology of Computer Graphics."

From the review:

By revealing how computer graphics simultaneously exist everywhere yet evade attention, Image Objects encourages readers to consider how the future of computing will be shaped by logics and objects like the GPU that emerged from the history of computer graphics. Crucially, Gaboury calls for consideration of the potential consequences of reimagining “the world as a massive computational task that can be solved through parallel processing.” Perhaps most importantly, Gaboury’s essential and timely Image Objects provides an understanding of both image objects and the contemporary world they occupy as at once material and immaterial, natural and designed, physical and digital, while simultaneously exceeding these categories altogether.

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