Ken Goldberg on Our Automated Future on NPR

08 May, 2017

Ken Goldberg on Our Automated Future on NPR

Ken Goldberg (EECS and BCNM) was featured in “On Point,” a NPR WBUR news broadcast on May 8th. “Robots and Our Automated Future,” with Tom Ashbrook explored the rise of automated manufacturing and the American job market.

Goldberg, along with other guests Claire Cain Miller, Charlie Wood, and Howie Choset, discussed the rise of machine learning and co-robotics, or robotic aided human tasks.

Listen to the broadcast yourself here.

From the website:
The robots just keep coming. Each generation more deft and capable than the last. The latest headline: Will your next home be built by robots? Maybe so. Robotics are moving into all kinds of fields. Factories, yes. But well beyond now, to work sites, offices, homes. Robots are sensing and seeing the world ever great clarity. And being deployed into ever more roles. Will they put on your next deck? Fill your next cavity? Up next On Point: Robots. The jobs they’re doing. The jobs they’ll do next. — Tom Ashbrook