Digital Literature for the End of the World

23 Dec, 2022

Digital Literature for the End of the World

Alex Saum-Pascual is a digital artist, poet, and professor. Alex teaches a range of undergraduate and graduate courses at UC Berkeley as part of the Dept of Spanish and Portuguese. Her research expertise and research include Spain, electronic literature, contemporary literature, digital humanities, and new media.

Her new research essay titled, "Digital Literature for the End of the World" explores the relationship between digital technologies and climate damage, looking at a selection of works of digital literature that expose their entanglement within material networks of mineral extraction and energy consumption. Alex argues that the modern dichotomous framework that separates humans from nature has propelled the evolution of digital technologies, paving the way to contemporary globalization and that digital literature’s planetary impact situates it at the center of any transatlantic studies discussion.

Alex's essay is part of many others featured in Vol. 31 (2022): Art and Activism: Actions in Contemporary America by Daniel Escandell Montiel

To read Alex's paper, Click Here!