Web3 & Digital Democracy with Jen Schradie

18 Nov, 2022

Web3 & Digital Democracy with Jen Schradie

McCourt Institute's “Web3 &” series continues, taking a specific look at digital democracy. The second event in the series will address the state of digital democracy in our current and future web paradigms.

The panel will focus on the overall question of "How could a decentralized web protect democracy?" and will feature the following speakers:

- Jen Schradie, Sociologist, Assistant Professor at Sciences Po, and Author

- Pierre Noro, Lecturer at Sciences Po, Co-founder & President of BubbleBox Project

- Etienne de Saint Marie, Co-founder & CEO of Republike

McCourt Institute's “Web3 &” series will discuss and highlight how – instead of trying to repair a broken internet model – decentralized web technologies can represent a new way forward in our internet architecture, promoting and sheltering democracy. Structural changes brought by Web3 such as the decentralization from the current centralized internet ecosystem could be a way to empower a democratic revival. The numerous challenges Web 2.0 poses to democracy ranging from misinformation, to monopolies, censorship, and others, can help us understand how to build a better future internet governance.

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