17 Nov, 2022


The SIGCIS Conference is the leading annual international meeting for researchers of computing and information history. The Conference is organized by members of the Special Interest Group for Computing, Information, and Society, part of the Society for the History of Technology (SHOT).

This year, the SIGCIS Conference was held on November 13, in New Orleans, LA. We were thrilled to have Eric Rawn, Morgan Ames, and Jacob Gaboury featured in SIGCIS 2022:UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

In the session [BAYSIDE B], Morgan G. Ames, our Assistant Professor of Practice School of Information curated the discussion panel on the theme of LEGAL AND POLITICAL CONSTRUCTIONS OF COMPUTING.

In the session [BAYSIDE C] MINDS AND MACHINES, our EECS PhD student Eric Rawn shared his "Making Sense, Crystallizing Reason: an Intellectual History of Pervasive Computing at Xerox PARC".

In the session [BAYSIDE C], our Associate Professor in Department of Film & Media, Jacob Gaboury, curated the meeting under EMBODIMENT, EDUCATION, EXPRESSION.