AmbiRobotics, Co-Founded by Ken Goldberg, Receives $32M

14 Nov, 2022

AmbiRobotics, Co-Founded by Ken Goldberg, Receives $32M

Ambi Robotics, a startup co-founded by BCNM faculty Ken Goldberg, has raised $32 million to be deployed as an item-sorting robot in warehouses.

Ambisort, the robot in question, uses a five-camera vision system and three kinds of suction cups to pull an assortment of enveloped, plastic bage or lightweight boxes from a bin. The Ambisort can go through about 400 parcels per hour, three times faster that of a human.

The true value of Ambisort is in the artificial intelligence behind it. DexNet is a computer stimulation that takes data about three-dimensional objects and trains an algorithim on the best way to pick up an item.

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