Jen Schradie on the Shadow of January 6th

27 Jan, 2022

Jen Schradie on the Shadow of January 6th

BCNM alum Jen Schradie joins The Debate on France 24 to talk about the impact a year later of the Capitol insurrection.

From the description:

On the first anniversary of the US Capitol assault, the arrests and revelations keep coming over a planned insurrection, encouraged and never denounced by an outgoing president who was trying to stop the certification of an election he had lost. Two weeks later, despite pressure from the top to overturn the will of the people in states like Georgia and Pennsylvania, institutions held firm and a new president was sworn in.

One year on in the Capitol building, it's back to the gridlock of old and yet the reality is hard to ignore: one of the two big tent parties of a 240-year-old democracy is under the sway of a leader who embraces far-right extremist groups. We ask our panel of guests if democracy in America is in danger as Donald Trump cancelled remarks he was due to make on the anniversary date.

Watch here.