Abigail De Kosnik on Race & Fandom

16 Jan, 2022

Abigail De Kosnik on Race & Fandom

Abigail De Kosnik recently joined Henry & Colin on their podcast, "How Do You Like It So Far?", alongside two other fan study scholars andré carrington and Rukmini Pande to discuss how race is discussed in fandoms and fan studies. From Squid Games to Star Wars, the podcast episode addresses topics including the unprecedented wave of anti-Asian hate crimes and fandom's tendency to ignore characters of colors in popular entertainment franchises.

From Gail in the episode:

I think there's this powerful way that the way we tell fan stories now is more deeply rooted in the personal experience of black and brown bodies and non-American bodies. I think there's something so meaningful and so important and significant about fans of color coming to fan discussions, communities, conventions, and fan studies, courses on fandoms at institutions of higher ed, you know talking about themselves, centering their own experiences of media when and how they can.

Listen to the entire episode here!