Dark Matters Reviewed in The Whole Note

06 Jan, 2022

Dark Matters Reviewed in The Whole Note

In a recent review, the Whole Note describes BCNM alumn Tiffany Ng's Dark Matters as "a fascinating collection" claiming, "it must have been a spectacular project to work on". In Dark Matters, Tiffany performs the music for carillon of Stephen Rush, answering technical questions such as microphone placement and ambient sounds filtration. Tiffany handles these questions beautifully, providing "a noticeable rise before and decline after each performance,... like giant respiration".

From the article:

Two carillons, one in Michigan and one in the Netherlands, play so differently it reminds one of how particular this type of instrument is, and how contingent the performance is on their sounds, much like organs. Whereas an organ has a synthetic animus, or breath, bells are defined by attack, such that every note’s momentum diminishes through its sustain. What Rush makes room for, and Ng perfects in execution, is a linearity that counters this. Decay follows attack, but gently repeated notes and Ng’s impressive control of dynamics give sustenance to line.

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