Congratulating Our Fall 2021 Graduates

16 Dec, 2021

Congratulating Our Fall 2021 Graduates

Congratulations to our Fall 2021 graduates! They have extended their studies with a suite of new media projects. We are so excited to see their future successes.

Designated Emphasis

Leah Rosenbaum

Leah Rosenbaum is a designer and researcher of mathematics education focusing on hands-on and play-based interaction. She earned her B.A. in Mathematics from Scripps College. Prior to Berkeley, Leah worked as a data analyst. Some of her recent publications include: "Where be dragons? Mapping the known (and not so known) areas of research on academic makerspaces" and "Shaping perception: Designing for participatory facilitation of collaborative geometry."

Undergraduate Certificate

Sofie Herbeck

Sofie Herbeck is a Computer Science & Theatre and Performance Studies double major who spent the Undergraduate Certificate in New Media doing research for Abigail De Kosnik’s mmrl project, tagging diversity in various shows and movies. In the past year, Sofie also got involved in research with Berkeley’s School of Optometry, sparked by an interest in how we humans perceive color. Sofie’s not yet sure what’s next after graduation, but is hoping to stay in school for a little while longer by pursuing either an MFA in acting or a PhD in vision science.

Jago Pang

Jago (jay-go), is a Cognitive Science major who grew up in Hong Kong. He will be working as a product designer after graduation and hopes to empower people to live their fullest lives!

Ashley Reed

Ashley Reed receives her Bachelors in Media Studies and American Studies, with a minor in Education. Her thesis explored how media consumption has glorified, gentrified, racialized, feminized, and commodified the Chihuahua in the early 2000s. Ashley received the Eugene Jarvis Scholarship in Media Innovation through the Berkeley Center for New Media. She plans to pursue a career in digital pedagogy.

Kellyann Ye

Kellyann is graduating with degrees in Computer Science and Theater and Performance Studies. The community they found working in the Media Metadata Research Lab as part of completing the undergraduate certificate has been a massive highlight of her last year, and the research into diversity in American film and television has been a wonderful opportunity to combine several interests. Post-grad, she plans to continue that research with mmrl, and to eventually seek gainful employment.