Vincente Perez Named Poetry and the Senses Fellow

16 Aug, 2021

Vincente Perez Named Poetry and the Senses Fellow

A big congratulations to BCNM graduate student Vincente Perez for being named as a Poetry and the Senses Fellow!

The Poetry and the Senses Fellowship is a fellowship program awarded to individuals grounded in the relevance and urgency of lyrical making and storytelling in times of political crisis, and the value of engaging the senses as an act of care, mindfulness, and resistance. Vincente was one of two graduate students to be awarded as a fellow. Vincente is a Black Mexican-American performance poet, scholar, and writer working at the intersections of Poetry, Hip-Hop, and Digital Black cultural praxis with an interest in the way that artists use narrative to resist dominant stories that attempt to erase, subjugate, or enact violence on marginalized communities.

Check out the lists of fellows here! Congratulations Vincente!