Pablo Paredes on the Invisible Future of Health Monitoring

30 Jul, 2021

Pablo Paredes on the Invisible Future of Health Monitoring

Pablo Paredes recently featured as a panelist for Stanford Center for Digital Health's The Invisible Future of Health Monitoring. In the webinar, Pablo and his fellow experts speak on the place of embedded sensors and longitudinal data collection in medicine, the future of remote monitoring, and real-world applications of precision health technology.

From the event description:

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen the rise of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring as the paradigm of care delivery has transformed to meet patients where they are: in the home. While these trends are just now emerging to the broader public, the use of algorithms in embedded sensors, passive monitoring, implantables, wearables, and IoT devices in the environment have been used in healthcare applications for decades. But with all of this raw aggregation, how is this data used to inform real world applications beyond research, and what does the future of invisible monitoring look like? As devices become smaller and embedded throughout our environments, how will data be used to provide increasingly precise and personalized care to individual patients?

Watch the recording of the webinar below or here!