Tiffany Ng in ListN Up

08 May, 2021

Tiffany Ng in ListN Up

BCNM alum, Tiffany Ng, recently featured in I Care If You Listen's "ListN Up." "ListN Up" is a series of weekly artist-curated playlists in which the featured artist showcases the music that influences their creative practice.

In the article, Tiffany discusses her musical influences growing up in San Francisco and as a carillon player who has played at concerts throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. From J.S. Bach's "Komm, Heiliger Geist (BWV 651)" to Mahalia Jackson's "Trouble of the World," Tiffany reveals the inspirations behind her uniquely interactive and environmental-data-driven performances.

From the article:

I got my start as a young musician playing with toy keyboards. My Cantonese grandmother 伍惠娥, a tough and witty Toisan refugee who never had much use for learning English, used her savings to buy me an upright piano when I was 9. Eventually I upgraded to playing buildings: the building is the pipe organ’s resonance chamber, and the entire neighborhood is the carillon’s resonance chamber. This performance by Robert Clarks is on the monumental 1746 Hildebrandt organ (Naumburg, Germany)

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