Clancy Wilmott PI on Presidential Chairs Fellowship

24 Jan, 2021

Clancy Wilmott PI on Presidential Chairs Fellowship

Congratulations to Clancy Wilmott for being named a Presidential Chair Fellow!

The Presidential Chair Fellows Resilience Grant Program funds projects that examine, develop, improve, and transform core areas of the undergraduate curriculum. This grant cycle awarded proposals that promoted or provided solutions for enhancing instructional resilience and teaching in the context of remote instruction.

Clancy is an Assistant Professor in Critical Cartography, Geovisualization and Design in BCNM and the Department of Geography. Her and her team's project, Resilience in Geospatial Learning and Collaboration, assesses best practices for fostering student-instructor and peer-to-peer learning and collaboration (Rahimi et al, 2015; DeMers, 2019) for teaching geospatial courses remotely - courses that would normally be taught in the Cartography and GIS Education (CAGE) Lab in the Department of Geography. The CAGE Lab hosts a suite of diverse cartographic and geospatial upper-division undergraduate and graduate courses - from digital media and mobile app development, classic cartographic and geo-visualization and online web mapping, to geographic information science and remote sensing - all of which utilise different pedagogical (DeMers, 2019) models and technologies for teaching technical skills and companion theories in service to geographic analysis. This bespoke teaching space is equipped with a suite of high-powered iMac computers installed with specialist cartographic and geospatial software. It is managed by the Department of Geography’s IT Manager, Eron Budi, and is crucial to the core geospatial curriculum in the department and in particular to the undergraduate methodologies courses for department graduation requirements.

For more information about the program, visit here!