17 Jan, 2021


What better way to kick off the buzz for Fandom + Piracy than to share our own online portal? We’re so pleased to share the website for Fandom + Piracy, BCNM’s first ever online mini-series dedicated to exploring the connections between these two modes of countercultural computing, alternative media, distributed creativity, and copying culture.

The website, beautifully designed by BCNM staff Alicia Moreira, details the events, a list of our speakers complete with links to their works that you can read, our Community Agreements on the principles of the conference, and, of course, registration.

Featured speakers include: Rebecca Wanzo (Keynote Speaker), Kavita Philip (Keynote Speaker), andré carrington, Alexander Dent, Keller Easterling, Racquel Gates, Jennifer Holt, Brewster Kahle, Elleza Kelley, Alfred Martin, and Rukmini Pande.

Which events are you planning to attend? #fandompiracy


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