Kevin Lo at Counterpulse

22 Dec, 2020

Kevin Lo at Counterpulse

DROUGHT SPA, composed of Kevin Lo and alex cruse, gave a quarantine performance live from the CounterPulse stage in San Francisco on December 10th. Kevin and alex each transmitted a different livestream meant to be experienced simultaneously. The music, video, and dance performance experiments with sync, latency, and networked performance.

DROUGHT SPA is an Oakland-based interdisciplinary research platform and performative experiment. Since 2014, Kevin and alex have utilized generative visuals, sensing-technologies, stochastic synthesis, and other technologies to explore issues in state violence, biometric surveilance, human/nonhuman ontologies, logistics, and the built environment. This performance launched DROUGHT SPA's first gallery show, situated within San Francisco's Cloaca Projects. For the most experimental viewing, Kevin suggests having one stream playing on a separate device and moving these devices around for quadraphonic sound.

Check out both twitch recordings here and here!

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