Blockchain Chicken Farm Featured in Rest of World

19 Nov, 2020

Blockchain Chicken Farm Featured in Rest of World

BCNM DE student Xiaowei Wang was recently featured and interviewed by Rest of World on their book Blockchain Chicken Farm!

From the article:

Wang says that confronting the world’s collective metronormativity is “crucial” and will ultimately “determine our shared future.” Around the world, right-wing populism is on the rise, fueled by the forces of globalization. But it’s rural areas that make globalized cities possible in the first place, supplying the food, resources, and even the data to train artificial intelligence. The rural-urban divide is only a cultural illusion, and one that can be overcome. Wang invites readers to fight authoritarianism by demanding “something outside the strict binaries of rural versus urban, natural versus man-made, digital versus physical, and remote as disengaged versus metropolitan as connected.”

Read the entire article and interview here.