Xiaowei Wang on Tech Won't Save Us

24 Oct, 2020

Xiaowei Wang on Tech Won't Save Us

Technologist, artist, BCNM DE candidate, and author of Blockchain Chicken Farm: And Other Stories of Tech in China's Countryside Xiaowei Wang features on Tech Won't Save Us to discuss how lifestyles and farming practices in rural have shifted as technology and global supply chains move into these smaller communities. With technology often described from a very urban narrative, Xiaowei offers insight on how into rural applications and explains the importance of bringing technology and economic activity back into this sphere. However, while this rural revitalization is made out to be a miracle cure-for-all for local producers, perhaps these technical systems are not distributing power equally but rather shifting the balance to people who have technical knowledge. Xiaowei examines this concept of "technocracy", how this modernized agriculture may actually be harmful to the population, and suggests promoting an approach of "hacking the system" rather than throwing it out entirely.

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Interested in learning more? Hear Xiaowei Wang in conversation with An Xiao Mina on Monday, November 16, from 12:30-2pm in our Commons Conversations! More details here!