Hear Bo Ruberg at PlayThink

19 Oct, 2020

Hear Bo Ruberg at PlayThink

Interested in Bo Ruberg’s work? Make sure to listen to her podcast interview at PlayThink, which explores the relationship between video games and queerness!

From podcast abstract:

"Video Games Have Always Been Queer"

Video games are a site of rich potential for exploring gender, sexuality, and identity. This talk explores the relationship between video games and queerness. It looks beyond LGBTQ representation in games (such as the inclusion of LGBTQ people and romances on screen) and argues that video games themselves can be understood as queer. To do this, it points to three key ways of finding queer experiences within games: through interpretation, through play, and through design. Looking forward to future work, it also demonstrates the queer implications of the underlying technologies on which video games are built. At once conceptual and political, this work insists that queer people have always belonged in video games, because video games have always been queer.

To listen to the podcast click here!