Tiffany Ng on Commissioning Carillon Music

17 Jul, 2020

Tiffany Ng on Commissioning Carillon Music

Alum Tiffany Ng’s article “Commissioning Carillion Music: A Guide to Getting Started” offers advice on getting started, obtaining funding, the process, the world premiere, and publication of the commissioned work.

From article:

Why commission new carillon music? Bringing a new musical work to life can be one of the most rewarding experiences of being a musician. In the process, you learn from the ideas that a composer introduces to carillon music, and become the leading interpreter and champion of the piece you’ve commissioned and premiered. Increasing local engagement with the carillon involves finding and engaging new friends and allies for the bells. Commissioned composers who are new to the carillon will introduce their network of colleagues and listeners to carillon recitals, bringing new concertgoers to your tower and getting other composers interested in writing for it. If you commission a composer familiar with writing for carillon, you will further their commitment to the instrument and increase the chances that they keep writing more carillon pieces.

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