Jen Schradie on How Twitter favors the Right

10 Jun, 2020

Jen Schradie on How Twitter favors the Right

BCNM alum Jen Schradie published on THINK: Opinion, Analysis, Essays, where she contradicts President Trump’s statement about Twitter favoring the left. She claims President Trump is wrong as research from thousands of social media posts and interviews with digital activists across the political spectrum show that the use of these platforms actually favors the right.

From the essay:

Accusations of liberal bias in social media have reached a new level as President Donald Trump started another kind of Twitter war last week — one with the social media platform itself. In response to a fact-check advisory that the company posted on one of his tweets on Tuesday, Trump responded, “Social Media Platforms totally silence conservative voices. We will strongly regulate, or close them down.” The White House then issued an executive order Thursday attempting to punish social media companies for political bias.

Yet, Trump and his backers are wrong that social media shuts out those on the right. In fact, it's the opposite: Use of these platforms heavily favors conservatives.

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