Alum Adam Hutz Highlighted as CITRIS Invention Lab Superuser

08 May, 2020

Alum Adam Hutz Highlighted as CITRIS Invention Lab Superuser

Alum Adam Hutz, a Ph.D from University of California, Berkeley’s Rhetoric Department, is highlighted as a CITRIS Invention Lab superuser. Hutz was introduced to the CITRIS Invention Lab through a NEWMEDIA course taught by Eric Paulos, the Invention Lab’s faculty director. He learned about this course while studying the interconnection between rhetoric and New Media as part of BCNM’s designated emphasis program. In his interview he talks about his experiences, mentors, and his journey to becoming a superuser.

We are proud of your accomplishments Adam!

From CITRIS Invention Lab website:

I wouldn’t be able to overstate how important the mentorship of Chris Myers and Eric Paulos were to me. When I was first discovering making, Eric taught me that not all designs are market-focused. We can also think about making through a critical lens, and also consider what kinds of designs would be disruptive or challenging to the users who interpret them. Chris has such an encyclopedic understanding of design and what’s possible with materials. As you’re building something, his guidance means that out of ten paths, where nine will lead you down the wrong road, he can point you towards that one that’s going to be most productive.

Superusers want to try lots of new things and make a lot of mistakes. Superusers make a lot of mistakes and fail a lot along the way. But in that process, they’re also learning an enormous amount that they can share with other users. And the other thing that superusers have in common is that they’re all very friendly and willing to share their mistakes and learnings and knowledge with other members of the community.

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