Ken Goldberg Keynotes Healthcare Robotics Forum

05 Feb, 2020

Ken Goldberg Keynotes Healthcare Robotics Forum

Last December, Professor Ken Goldberg delivered a keynote session at the 2019 Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum. The forum consists of a conference and an expo focused on "asing, speeding and improving the design, development and manufacture of healthcare robotics products and services."

Read the abstract of his keynote below:

Rather than robots replacing human surgeons, an emerging new generation of robotics systems will assist surgeons by performing tedious, highly precise subtasks such as suturing and debridement to improve the consistency of procedures, reduce surgeon fatigue, and open the door to long-distance tele-surgery. In this keynote presentation, Ken Goldberg, UC Berkeley Professor of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, will describe how machine learning, coupled with data collected from surgical robots such as Intuitive’s da Vinci system, can be used to ‘learn’ underlying robot control policies for common surgical tasks. He will also review recent research advances with applications to cutting, suturing, palpation, dissection, retraction, and debridement.

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