Ken Goldberg Chief Scientist of Ambidextrous Robotics

17 Aug, 2019

Ken Goldberg Chief Scientist of Ambidextrous Robotics

We're thrilled to hear that Ken Goldberg serves as the Chief Scientist at Ambidextrous Robotics, the robotics grasping company aiming to enter the e-commerce fulfillment space by combining artificial intelligence with robotic systems. The company grew out of research developed at UC Berkeley in Ken's Lab. The Dex-Net project, which we've featured in the past, uses point clouds to automate deep neural network learning for grippers and suction arms.

Find out more about Ambidextrous Robotics (which is hiring!) here!

You can also read a feature on this exciting company from the Robotics Business Review.

From the article:

“We have a whole road map of how we can start speeding things up,” said Goldberg. “One of them is to speed up the sensing, one is to speed up the computation and motion planning, and then the hardware arm itself. On all those fronts, we’re making advances in how we can shrink the time down and increase the reliability. It’s been the laser focus of the company – how can we do this in a commercially viable system, making industrial quality software that will be hardened for real, ongoing use.”