Ken Goldberg Co-Chairing AI & Inclusivity Signature Initiative

27 May, 2019

Ken Goldberg Co-Chairing AI & Inclusivity Signature Initiative

Ken Goldberg is co-chairing the AI & Inclusivity Signature Initiative with School of Information professor Deirdre Mulligan!

The campus has identified six strategic areas for the next five years:

From the VC of Research:

To help the campus advance these ideas, six Signature Initiative Working Groups were charged with elaborating upon the topic areas to identify a small number of robust, interdisciplinary themes that Berkeley is well placed to make significant progress on compared to our competitors. For each theme, the working groups were asked to elaborate on how Berkeley should pursue these societal challenges to achieve significant impact over the next 5-10 years; who across campus is best positioned to lead the efforts; and what resources are required to be successful.

The Inclusive Intelligence platform states:

Advances in Artificial Intelligence and associated innovations in data science and machine learning are transforming how we work, learn, and communicate; how we are governed; and how we live our daily lives. AI has potential to erode privacy, exacerbate bias and socio-economic disparity, and concentrate power in a few corporations and countries. Moreover, the field of AI is currently a patchwork of techniques lacking coherent, systematic design principles and tools. Like chemical engineering, which emerged from chemistry and physics, and circuit design and databases, which emerged as computer science began to mature, AI needs a systems perspective that integrates data, algorithms, context, and human values.

You can read the full draft of the Executive Report here.

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Also, stay tuned for our Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium lineup for 2019-2020 and our Spring 2020 conference as BCNM contributes to this conversation!