New Reviews of Queer Games Studies

28 Feb, 2019

New Reviews of Queer Games Studies

Synoptique and The Velvet Light Trap reviewed BCNM alum Bonnie Ruberg's book on queer game studies. Co-edited with Adrienne Shaw and published by the University of Minnesota Press, the work contains a collection of 26 scholarly and non-scholarly articles examining the intersectionality of queer theory and game studies.

Sarah Stang, PhD student at York University and game scholar, wrote in her Synoptique review:

Overall, this collection is an absolutely essential read for any game scholar, maker, critic, or enthusiast interested in social justice and identity politics; in diverse perspectives, opinions, and readings of games; in seeing the medium and its fandom become more inclusive; in exploring new avenues of possibility for game design and reception; and in “unlocking the non-normative potential that has been waiting in video games all along” (Ruberg and Shaw 2017, xxii). As QGS continues to evolve and flourish, this collection will provide a strong and inspirational foundation for future work.​

Tom Welch, PhD student in media and cultural studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, comments in his The Velvet Light Trap review:

The joy of Queer Game Studies is that it is not an application of one field to the other; instead, it is a complex study in the way that the two disciplines can intersect and inform each other. It asks what game studies can learn from queer theory and what queer theory can learn from game studies. Particularly interesting is the volume's mélange of scholars, developers, and journalists, each offering unique perspectives into the medium, its pitfalls, and its potentials.

Haven't read the book yet? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Bonnie will be presenting at BCNM's Commons Conversation's on March 18th. Check out the event details here!