Alum Christo Sims' Disruption Fixation Reviewed

15 Oct, 2018

Alum Christo Sims' Disruption Fixation Reviewed

Molly Sauter reviewed a series of books in her essay "Innovation's fairyland" for the journal New Media and Society. Among the publications reviewed was alum Christo Sims' fantastic book Disruption Fixation!

From the review:

Christo Sims [...] in his recent text, Disruptive Fixation: School Reform and the Pitfalls of Techno-Idealism, published by Princeton University Press in 2017 [...] notes how innovation-tagged projects, ones that hold their “innovative” and “disruptive” natures as points of pride and political strengths, failure-proof themselves. The repeated failures of innovative reform projects led by specific individuals or organizations, following ideologies of techno-assisted reform, often have the perverse effect of solidifying reputations for expertise.

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