Lyman Dispatch: Nicholaus Gutierrez on the History of VR

24 Sep, 2018

Lyman Dispatch: Nicholaus Gutierrez on the History of VR

Nicholaus Gutierrez received the 2018 Lyman Fellowship. The Peter Lyman Graduate Fellowship in new media, established in the memory of esteemed UC Berkeley Professor Peter Lyman, provides a stipend to a UC Berkeley Ph.D. candidate to support the writing of his or her Ph.D. dissertation on a topic related to new media. The fellowship is supported by donations from Professor Barrie Thorne, Sage Publications and many individual friends and faculty.

Nicholaus' project, "The History of VR," investigates the documents created over the history of VR's creation.

Here's what Nicholaus said about the experience:

This summer I spent time at the Charles Babbage Institute at the University of Minnesota, a leading archive in the history of information technology. I was there to look at documents in the history of virtual reality (VR) technologies, specifically on documents related to the specific programming paradigms and integrated development environments used by early VR researchers. Looking at documents from the Carl Machover collection and materials from SIGGRAPH presentations on VR from the 1980s and early 1990s, I gleaned valuable information that has furthered my dissertation research.