Alum Trevor Paglen Exhibiting at Lismore Castle

05 Jun, 2018

Alum Trevor Paglen Exhibiting at Lismore Castle

The Lismore Castle opened the exhibition When Facts Don't Matter on May 26th, 2018.

The exhibition features artists Alan Butler, Constant Dullaart, Eva & Franco Mattes, Suzanne Treister, and alum Trevor Paglen, and explores how artists are responding to internet surveillance and data capture.

From the website:

The exhibition seeks to ask what takes place online and what is the nature of the exchange between the user and the other side of the screen – and in the process looks to the bigger picture – who controls data, who controls information, and ultimately, who controls the digital versions of ourselves. Are we offering up our own autonomy in the new virtual world we inhabit, and are we enslaving ourselves in a neo-liberal virtual reality?

Don't miss out! The exhibition runs until July 8th.

For more information visit the Lismore Castle website and check out this review in the Irish Times.