Alum Trevor Paglen in SF Weekly

18 Apr, 2018

Alum Trevor Paglen in SF Weekly

Alum Trevor Paglen is featured in yet another article about his revolutionary work. This time around, SF Weekly features him in an article in which the author Jonathan Curiel sums up:

MacArthur ‘genius grant’ recipient Trevor Paglen is set to launch Orbital Reflector, the ‘first satellite to exist purely as an artistic gesture.’ A lot could go wrong — especially for an artist accustomed to challenging the surveillance state head-on.

The piece goes into detail on his new exhibit titled "Impossible Objects," a focus on objects that have flown into spave versus what he projects eventually will.

His Orbital Reflector project is what SF Weekly referred to in their article title as the "satellite of love." It would be the first satelite in space in the name of art. The Orbital Reflector is an $1.3-million project that is intended to circle the Earth for around eight weeks and reflect the light of a star. Paglen is willing to take the artistic risks necessary to make a bold statement.