Hack the Bells How-To Now Online

26 Feb, 2018

Hack the Bells How-To Now Online

Ever since BCNM hosted "Hack the Bells" in 2014, the world's first international carillon remix competition, there has been increasing demand and inquiries from people on how to arrange their own carillon contest.

As a result, the Hack the Bells team — BCNM alum Tiffany Ng, BCNM grad student César Torres, BCNM faculty Greg Niemeyer, former BCNM fellow Sarah Stierch, and John Granzow — decided to put together a how-to guide for parties interested in setting up a similar contest model.

The guide covers the logistics necessary to organize a successful carillon tower remix competition. From building a website to technical specifications, the Hack the Bells team offers advice on how to best tackle the planning fundamental to execute a successful event. There are numerous links and examples embedded within the guide so that potential organizers will have easy access to resources.

See the guide itself for more information. It can also be found in the BCNM resources section and via Google Docs.