Alum Trevor Paglen on e-Flux

09 Feb, 2018

Alum Trevor Paglen on e-Flux

Alum Trevor Paglen has published an article on 'Fedorov's Geographies of Time' on e-Flux. Paglen considers our relationship with time and death in order to come to terms with the timescale of the effects of humanity on the Earth.

From the article:

I don’t think that we should resurrect the dead, but I do think that we need to start developing a very different relationship to time. We need to develop an ethical relationship to time that can account for things like nuclear waste, which has already created spaces of death that will remain so for hundreds of thousands of years. This should be an ethics of time that can help us develop an ethical relationship to the climate and the chemical composition of the atmosphere, to the evolution of other animals, plants, and chthonic life-forms, and to the oceans and the islands and the wetlands. But we also need to begin to think about an ethical relationship to the particles of ourselves that exist on cloud-computing platforms, on social media, in credit reports and demographic profiles. We need to think about time differently, so that the future does not become the enemy of the present.

Read the article here.