Congratulations to our Spring 2018 Graduating Undergraduates!

23 Jan, 2018

Congratulations to our Spring 2018 Graduating Undergraduates!

Congratulations to both Jenny and Allison on their graduation! We look forward to the amazing work and change you both will create in the world.

Shangjun (Jenny) Jiang graduated with a double major in Media Studies and Statistics, a minor in Education, and of course, a Certificate in New Media. In addition to taking a suite of Media Studies classes, serving as a regular photographer at BCNM events, Jenny conducted a semester long research project with then-graduate student Jenni Higgs on Digital Talk, in which they studies the relationship between learning and digital talk in K-12 classrooms in the nation. Jenny's job was to analyze teacher's survey data via statistical analysis and exploratory data analysis. Jenny was able to utilize her statistics background and interest in design to advance UC Berkeley scholarly research, and the experience spurred her interest in eventually pursuing further education upon graduating.

Allison Nguyen graduated with a BA in Media Studies. Allison arrived at the BCNM with a strong preparation in the topic through her Media Studies coursework. She became involved in various BCNM events, and even took NWMEDIA 200, our foundational graduate level course on the History and Theory of New Media, in which she excelled. Beyond the classroom, Allison has been involved in CalTV and Cumulus Media, where she has been able to apply the theories she's been developing these past few years.

The Undergraduate Certificate program emphasizes the critical understanding and practice of new media through interdisciplinary perspectives. The certificate introduces students to the changing new media landscape that is transforming the way we think in the fields of art, technology, the humanities, and social sciences.

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