Aesthetic Applications of Wave Field Synthesis

01 Feb, 2012

Aesthetic Applications of Wave Field Synthesis

Rama Gottfried
Ph.D. student at the University of California, Berkeley in the Music department with a Designated Emphasis in New Media.

Rama Gottfried will be working with the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces Team at IRCAM and the Centre Pompidou based in Paris. His research and stay will be funded by a grant from the UC Berkeley Music Department's George Ladd Prix de Paris, a prize awarded every two years to a student of music who has attained the highest excellence in studies of harmony and composition at the University of California, Berkeley.

As one of the three candidates selected for the second edition of the program of musical research residencies at IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique), Rama Gottfried will be studying aesthetic applications of Wave Field Synthesis (WFS). The project seeks to understand how to utilize physical properties of sound propagation as elements of musical compositions. Gottfried will be investigating various WFS manipulations of sound source radiation, diffusion and trajectory and will translate these techniques of WFS for aesthetic applications through the use of the OMPrisma library or other graphical notational methods. The research period will conclude with the development of a WFS sound installation that embodies the aesthetic applications of the research.

To learn more about Gottfried's research, please visit the ICRAM center website here.