Picture Yourself Exhibition A Hit!

12 Dec, 2013

Picture Yourself Exhibition A Hit!

The Berkeley Center for New Media, in conjunction with the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society and the University of California Office of the President, supported NWMEDIA 190/290 this Fall 2013 — a class designed to create "Picture Yourself," a college readiness application. Led by Dan Gillette, a small group of students, ranging from freshmen to Ph.D. candidates, Art to Economics to Education to Computer Science majors, took on the task of creating an application that would increase excitement around attending college and generate manageable expectations about the college experience. On December 12th, the Picture Yourself team demoed their amazing work, and judging by the queues to give the application a go, we think it was a phenomenal success.

Congratulations "Picture Yourself" team!

Dan Gillette
Adelyn Chan
Andrew Dorsett
Christine Foo
Sofia Gutierrez-Dewar
Alex Liu
Dibyo Majumdar
Brian Ratajczak
Rafael Valle
John Scott