New Media Exhibit Developer: Interactive Data Visualizations

09 Jan, 2014

New Media Exhibit Developer: Interactive Data Visualizations

The Exploratorium has an exciting new position open for a new media exhibit developer focusing on interactive data visualizations. Details below!

This position is an exhibit developer in the New Media Studio, working in the Exploratorium’s non-commercial interdisciplinary research and development environment, in close collaboration with scientists, educators, artists, user research professionals and other exhibit developers. The fixed-term for this position is scheduled to end December 31, 2016. Primary focus is on interactive data visualizations of scientific datasets that engage museum visitors in self-directed explorations, enabling them to discover patterns within the data. Examples of datasets are San Francisco Bay ecology, climate patterns, migration patterns of sea predators, global plankton blooms over time and urban demographics. This individual collaborates with teams of experts in-house and at partner institutions. Exhibits created and prototyped will employ a range of technologies, from multi-touch tables and interactive projections to tangible interfaces that interact with screen-based data, with the goal of enabling visitors experience the same sense of genuine discovery these researchers experience in their work.

Essential Functions:
● Work with scientific datasets, including cleaning, formatting, and managing databases. ● Develop interactive data visualizations with real scientific data, including algorithm refinement and visual design. ● Create rapid prototypes to communicate your and other team members’ concepts. ● Test prototypes on the museum floor with visitors with in-house visitor research professionals. ● Iteratively prototype increasingly effective interactions using visitor feedback; know when to move on to a new idea. ● Understand and maintain legacy interactives/exhibits ● Document source code and exhibit development process. ● Network with peers, and stay on top of current technologies and trends.

Minimum Qualifications:
● Experience developing interactive data visualizations (real-time and archived data), with knowledge of both established methodologies and best practices. ● Portfolio of application development projects that demonstrate good usability. ● Masters degree or higher in interactive multimedia, user interface design, or other related field. ● Minimum of three years recent experience developing robust interactives for public environments. ● Minimum five years writing object-oriented application code, or an equivalent combination of training and experience. ● Ability to work harmoniously as part of a multidisciplinary exhibit development team. ● Comfort working in a shop environment. ● Fluency in both web-based and application-based languages such as: HTML/CSS/JS and Processing/Java/Open Frameworks. ● Experience with modern visualization tools, such as D3, R, and similar libraries, as well as geospatial tools such as Modest Maps, CartoDB, MapBox/TileMill, etc. ● Familiarity with backend systems and databases a plus (Node.js/Express, MongoDB, PHP, MySQL, etc.) a big plus. ● Comfort maintaining some legacy exhibits coded in Actionscript 3.0, Max/MSP and/or Director. ● Interest/experience integrating mobile devices as controllers a plus.

Please refer to our Application Procedures for instructions when sending your resume and cover letter.

The Exploratorium is committed to a diverse workforce.