Announcing the Fall 2017 BCNM Conference Grant Recipients!

24 Oct, 2017

Announcing the Fall 2017 BCNM Conference Grant Recipients!

Each of the following students have received funding to help defray the costs of presenting their research at the premiere conferences in their fields! We’re thrilled to be supporting our graduates as they travel across the globe to share their scholarship.

Harry Burson – for Sounding Out the Space 2017: An International Conference on the Spatiality of Sound, in Dublin, Ireland. In his paper, "Lost in Stereo: Stereophony, Stereoscopy, and the Construction of Virtual Spaces," Burson examines the relationship between sound and 3-D image to contrast the 'hyperreal, staged space of stereophony' and 'the uncanny, irreal space of stereoscopy.' Further, he considers how their intersections complicate existing theories of specialized listening, immersion, and presence.

Malika Imhotep – for the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) Conference 2017, in Baltimore, Maryland. Imhotep brings a new media perspective to relevant conversations surrounding black women's rights activism, self-articulation, and social media in her paper, "Black Women’s Time(line) : #DefendBlackWomanhood as a site of black feminism’s continued conversation." To do so, she studies mission statements by organizations such as the Black Feminist Futures (2015), The Combahee River Collective (1974-7) and The Sojourners for Justice and Truth (1951) alongside black women’s reflections from their respective socio-cultural moments.

Will Payne – for The Future of Food Studies Conference, in St. Louis, Missouri. His paper, “The Zagat Survey as Class Strategy: Quantified Consumption and Urban Change in 1980s New York,” delves into one of the first forms of user-generated content (UGC) in Zagat's aggregation of ratings and reviews, and its effect on urban change and gentrification. In his research, Payne tracks Zagat's spreading of a "professional-class vision for the gentrification of the city’s post-industrial neighborhoods" and draws inspiration from Sharon Zukin, Richard Ocejo, and Neil Smith. He previously received a Spring 2017 grant for the American Association of Geographers (AAG).

Yairamaren Roman Maldonado – for the Imagining America Conference, in Davis, California. Following her Spring 2017 appearance at the Latin American Studies Association Conference: “Dialogues of Knowledge” in Lima, Perú, Roman Maldonado will be presenting her work in “Literatura y Narrativa Digitales en Puerto Rico” in a digital storytelling media session among other scholars. Roman Maldonado and the other scholars will also be discussing community-based research and its challenges, trust-building, and audiovisual objects, presenting digital storytelling as both method and genre.

Congratulations to all of our recipients! We expect great things from all of them – and are enthused to continuously support such great research and academic achievement!