México Participa Launched

29 Apr, 2015

México Participa Launched

Mexican citizens will go to the polls in June 2015 for important mid-term elections. To engage voters and alert them to topical issues, the CITRIS Data & Democracy Initiative (DDI) is collaborating with faculty at Tec de Monterrey, and the Mexico National Electoral Institute to design and implement México Participa, an innovative civic engagement platform based on the model of the California Report Card.

Launched on April 28, México Participa allows participants to voice their concerns in an anonymous public forum, where they can share their opinions and priorities with fellow citizens and the leaders who represent them. Participants will be asked to rate the country’s performance on timely policy issues, suggest an issue that deserves increased national priority, and rate the suggestions of others, offering candidates timely feedback on the changing priorities of their constituents.

“This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate on the development of a tool that will be incredibly useful to the people of Mexico for the mid-term elections and beyond,” said Prof. Maria Elena Meneses, lead researcher for Mexico Participa at Tec de Monterrey. “Insights gathered through Mexico Participa will be helpful in shaping the priorities of newly elected leaders and incumbents."

The website includes details on the issues being graded, related projects, FAQ, and contact info. It takes just two minutes to participate and works on all screens:

México Participa has been featured on CNN México in the article "El TEC lanza un sitio para que le digas a los candidatos qué te preocupa".